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Types of fluids:

Just like oil for your engine your vehicle relies on liquid in many systems to keep everything running smooth and reducing wear and tear. Without fluid services many of these systems will fail lowering performance and causing damage, it can be hard to know when to book a service appointment so to make things easier we've created this page to show you some of the signs and symptoms.

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Windshield Washer Fluid:

With New England roads being just as unpredictable as the weather the last thing you need is you windshield washer fluid to be empty. Whether you need fluid, new wipers, or any other maintenance our certified service technicians are ready to assist you.

Power Steering Fluid:

When you turn your steering wheel it doesn't feel like your moving a two ton vehicle that is thanks to your power steering fluid. With low power steering fluid you'll notice a lot more resistance or shaking when attempting to turn your steering wheel. With low fluid you may also hear loud squealing when turning if you experience any of these signs its a good time to schedule service before damage occurs.

Brake Fluid:

Just like your power steering system your brake system uses fluid to assist you in operating you vehicle with ease. if your brake fluid levels drop you may notice it takes longer to slow down and come to a complete stop which can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your brakes and make it more difficult to avoid collisions. If your brake fluid light comes on or it becomes harder to slow schedule a service appointment before more costly damage occurs.

Engine Coolant:

Engine coolant is a crucial part to keeping your vehicle operating efficiently and at peak performance. Coolant helps to regulate the temperature in your engine to prevent overheating and performance dips, with low coolant you may notice increased fuel consumption and higher emissions. If your think your coolant levels are low call our service center to set up a service appointment.

differential gear, diffrential oil, maintenance, service

Differential Fluid:

One of the often overlooked services is differential gear services. Just like the other systems within your vehicle the differential relies on fluid to continue operating smoothly and increase the longevity of its parts. If you notice a grinding or clanking noise while driving you may have low fluid levels in your differential and should schedule service before permanent damage occurs.