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Oil Change Services For

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Mopar Express lane. Fast oil changes and more. Car services.

What We Offer

At our Service Center we use high quality products to ensure your vehicle remains at peak performance. An oil change is an essential part to the longevity of your vehicles life, without regularly scheduled oil changes you may encounter larger repairs in the future. Our certified service technicians will replace your old oil with new oil courtesy of Pennzoil and replace your old filter as well. A professional oil change is the best way you can prevent engine failure and other costly repairs.

When to schedule service

If you drive a newer vehicle it may have a Oil Life Monitoring System which will let you know when to bring your vehicle in for an oil change. If your vehicle does not have an Oil Life Monitoring system check your cars manual for the manufacturers recommended method, if you are unsure it is good practice to change your oil every 5,000 miles.  Driving with clean high quality oil can better your vehicles performance and fuel economy.

No Appointment Needed!

It can be difficult to set aside time to get an oil change, that's why here at Quirk Chrysler Jeep Ram you can utilize Mopar Express Lane to service your vehicle quickly and professionally. Just call ahead to tell us what kind of problems you're having and we'll move forward with your high quality service.

Signs You May Need Service

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Low oil pressure or level can damage your vehicle

If your vehicles oil level is too low or too high your engine can be permanently damaged due to high amounts of friction. Low oil pressure can be caused by a low oil level or a oil pump malfunction. If your oil pressure light comes on during engine start and does not turn off it is time to bring your vehicle into our service center.

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Oil under your car could be a sign of a bigger problem.

If you notice puddles of oil in your garage or driveway its time to bring your vehicle in for service. An oil leak can be a sign of worn out parts, leaks can arise from broken seals, worn down gaskets, or the oil pan drain plug. Small leaks can lead to larger problems and hurt your vehicles performance. When you bring your vehicle in, one of our certified technicians will locate the leak and inform you on the best way to get your car back on the road that day.

oil pressure light on. check engine light. oil change needed. low oil level indicator.